A Plastic Horse Feeder that Protects Bale Investment

Feeding horses can be a time consuming chore especially when it involves having to clean up the wasted hay that are typically strewn about during the feeding process.  Also, horses like using the bales as bedding. 

There is a better way to feed your horses. Hayhuts is revolutionizing the equestrian industry with a plastic horse feeder that simplifies the dining experience for horses. Its clever and unique design lets two horses eat at a time.  Since it is a self contained unit, there is no wasted hay or mess and it is protected from inclement weather. The plastic horse feeder is lightweight making it easy for one person to maneuver and fit over round or square rolls of hay.  Feeding horses has never been easier. 

To protect your bale investment and provide your horses with a simplified eating experience, contact us at (386) 871-8839 and order a horse feeder today. Your horses will love it.

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Hayhuts: Protecting Your Large Bale Investment

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