Looking for Horse Feeders?  Save Money and Improve the Quality of Your Horse’s Food with Round Bale Feeders from Hayhuts!

The revolutionary design of the Hayhut round bale horse feeder will save you time and money—all while keeping your horses’ food fresh and dry. 

The University of Minnesota rates the hay-saving performance of the Hayhut “exceptional,” after a scientific trial conducted in the fall of 2010. And our customers are raving about the benefits of using the Hayhut, just check out our client testimonials!

Horses love Hayhuts, too. Their hay is kept fresh, dry and delicious, and there’s no “big bale bickering” among horses with Hayhuts around. The communal design ensures that the round bale feeder is accessible to all hungry horses and a sense of calm is instilled, as the horses are assured they have a constant, fresh source of food.

Hay HutsThe Hayhut round bale horse feeder is maintenance free

Unlike metal feeders, Hayhuts don’t rust. They’re incredibly durable, polyethylene, UV-stabilized horse feeders that require NO maintenance.

No More Wasted Hay!

The Hayhut is guaranteed to keep hay fresh and dry in all kinds of weather, and with the protection of our specialized round bale horse feeder, urine and defecation resulting in wasted hay is no longer a problem. With the time, money and labor you’ll save yourself, investing in a Hayhut for your next round bale horse feeder is a no-brainer! 

Just ONE Example of the Benefits of using Hayhut Round Bale Horse Feeders:

Potomac Glen Riding School owner, Susan Hansen, states:

Hayhuts have halved my round bale usage in just the last few months… cutting my hay costs substantially. The Hayhuts have eliminated hay waste by keeping the horses from sleeping and defecating on the round bale hay. They also keep the ice, snow and rain off the round bales, so I no longer lose a lot of hay. The Hayhuts have also eliminated the typical wasted mound of unusable hay, and the horses eat all of the round bale hay and leave only dust. I have also cut my work load substantially by feeding the bales to my horses only once a week, instead of two times a week, and the paddock clean up is virtually non-existent!”

Contact Us today to order your Hayhut round bale horse feeder, and save yourself time, money and labor, all while improving the quality of life of your animals.

Our customers have spoken; the Hayhut is a “great product that saves time and money,” and we’re consistently getting rave reviews from horse owners and horses, alike!

Hayhuts: Protecting Your Large Bale Investment


Hayhuts: Protecting Your Large Bale Investment

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